Eliana Perez

Eliana Perez is a New York based artists born in Mexico and raised in the Dominican Republic. Her work explores female individuality through body image and identity. She is interested in questioning the existential and sometimes metaphysical aspects of the female experience and its own definitions. Eventually, this line of questioning turns towards her interrogates her own experiences as a woman and as an artist. "Beauty isn’t a pattern that can be simply explained, there is no symmetry in the body, just like trees and the human body. Trees are crooked, bent, full of cracks and holes, uneven edges and not standing perfectly straight at all, and yet this is what makes us stop and contemplate them.” Eliana has chosen drawing as her medium for her personal of work. The immediacy and expressive materiality of charcoal, graphite, and ink allow her to explore the subject matter with the gestural freedom that only drawing can bring. Getting transparencies and overlapping shapes to recreate the sense of figures and emotions.