Isabel Turban

Isabel is an abstract artist working with mixed media on canvas or paper she works in layers transferring images of maps and then drawing and painting with charcoal, ink and acrylics. The mapping of this planet where Humanity dwells is her attempt to represent the abstract places that act as a medium for creation and information. This imaginary allow her to recreate happy, nostalgic moments where elements of people's cultural, political and emotional experience intervene and manifest themselves Throughout layers of gestural images, srokes of acrylics and traces of charcoal and ink, her work represents her own idyllic albeit in inexistent space. At the end, the physical places diffuse and become rather unimportant as they are simply an inspiration, an spontaneous dialogue where each accident moves the painting forward. Her work's narrative may lead to multiple Inspirations. The wide view is an open invitation to get closer and lost in the details to find the power and the beauty of small things